It’s Okay to Panic is a nostalgic documentary portrait of 62-year-old Polish atmospheric physicist, Professor Szymon Malinowski. A career educator, Prof. Malinowski studies phenomena leading to climate changes and for years he has been raising the alarm about the threats we face. The film visits him at a moment when he must deal with a personal tragedy which prompts him to reflect on the ways Polish society has changed in his lifetime, for better and for worse.

Warning the public about climate catastrophe in Poland

In Poland, where misinformation about climate change is common, Professor Szymon Malinowski, Director of the Geophysics Department at the University of Warsaw, has made it his life’s mission to educate the public about impending climate catastrophe. It is what keeps him awake at night. He is a founder of “Nauka o klimacie,” the leading internet portal for climate science in Poland.

Telling the story

One day, Jonathan L. Ramsey, an American documentary filmmaker based in Warsaw, watched Professor Malinowski speaking about climate change on Polish television. Ramsey became inspired to make an emotional film about the recent past, present, and not-so-distant future of Poland – as told from the personal perspective of a high-level climate scientist. The result is It’s Okay to Panic, an official selection of the 2020 Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival.

The filmmakers: