Warsaw, June 16, 2020

Joint statement of Ramsey United, producer of the documentary It’s Okay to Panic, and Against Gravity, organizer of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival, regarding the premiere of It’s Okay to Panic.

Climate issues are a priority for us. The film It’s Okay to Panic was created out of a deep personal necessity and a sense of duty to start acting to protect the climate, because – as the name of the Against Gravity all year round film series says – „Planet B does not exist.”

Science has long confirmed that human action has a huge and direct impact on global climate change. Our everyday decisions affect how the world looks.

Hotter summers, less snow in winter. Forests are burning, it is getting drier. There is not enough water. The glaciers in the mountains are disappearing. Sea ice disappears in the Arctic. Permafrost is freezing. Methane is being released into the atmosphere. Ice sheets are melting. The sea level is rising. The ocean acidifies. Bees are dying. Biodiversity is disappearing. Tropical storms and cyclones are increasing. Plastic is everywhere. It’s all our world. – Prof. Szymon Malinowski, atmospheric physicist, protagonist of the film It’s Okay to Panic.

It’s all our world and our responsibility. This applies to us all regardless of where we live, our gender, age or beliefs. And we can all do something about it!

The Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival has been taking place in May every year for 17 years. A unique competition for the Green Warsaw Award given out to the bestfilm on ecology-related topics (the first of its kind in Poland) has been organized for several editions. Eco films have their own section, under the slogan „Climate for Change.” It’s Okay to Panic, directed by Jonathan L. Ramsey, qualified for this year’s edition of the Festival, where it was to have its world premiere, after which it was scheduled to be made available online a few weeks later.

However, 2020 is different from all previous years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival was postponed to September this year. Nevertheless, we decided that there are things that can’t wait. We decided to share the film on YouTube for free so that everyone would have equal access to it during the first week of June, wanting to draw attention to World Environment Day (June 5). This limited time was dictated by an earlier agreement between Ramsey United and Against Gravity.

Today we present you with another twist in the tale: together we have decided to cancel previous arrangements and mutual obligations and, as a result, restore the film It’s Okay to Panic on YouTube so that everyone with an Internet connection can have access to it. So that you can watch, comment, recommend and distribute it!

Let us act together in the name of the ultimate value, which is the well-being of our planet. If this movie can convince even one person, it means it was worth it! It is thanks to your numerous reactions and comments after the weeklong campaign during June 1-7 that we decided to undertake further actions around the film. There is strength in numbers and we believe that together we will be able to stop climate change!

The film It’s Okay to Panic is returning to YouTube where it will be available on the Ramsey United channel from June 16. In September, during the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival, the protagonist of the film Professor Szymon Malinowski will officially receive the Focus monthly Award for the Biggest Personality of the Festival. Professor Malinowski will also be a special guest of this year’s edition, which will take place September 4-13.

We will keep you updated on the details.

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And now to work! The fate of the Earth is in our hands!